Thunderspire Labyrinth


Hundreds of years ago, minotaurs founded the city of Saruun Khel in the depths below Thunderspire Mountain, a huge peak located on the border between Týthyen and Norska. Saruun Khel soon became the center of an oppressive minotaur kingdom that subjugated neighbouring lands. However, three centuries ago, a battle for the throne of Saruun Khel erupted into a vicious civil war. When one faction was defeated, the survivors took to battling one another until only a few minotaurs remained in the ruins of the once-great city.

Over the following centuries, adventurers came to explore the labyrinthine ruins of Saruun Khel, seeking forgotten treasure. Few of them survived. About 25 years ago, three wizards came to the mountain. Accompanied by retainers, the wizards spent long months in the ruins, eventually establishing a stronghold there — The Seven-Pillared Hall.

Hundreds of small chambers and halls within the ruins of the Labyrinth aren’t shown any map. Even the major roads include countless intersections and smaller passages that lead to mazes of dark corridors, echoing chambers, and mysterious caverns. Follow a passage in the Labyrinth and you are likely to cross vast plazas, pass through interconnected chambers, climb and descend dizzying stairs, and occasionally find a straight corridor. Some passages were tunneled by miners and bear chiseled marks. Others are natural paths through the underground rock. Still others were created by monsters, either as a natural byproduct of their travel or carved with crude tools and primitive magic in the centuries since the minotaur city fell into ruin.

The Seven Pillared Hall

In the last two decades, the original founders formed the Mages of Saruun, and established the Seven-Pillared Hall as a centre of black market trading. Today, dwarves, duergar, drow, and more creatures come to the Hall to trade gems, gold, rare ores, and other goods. Under the watchful eyes of the hooded mages, an uneasy peace endures in the Hall while perils lurk in the shadows of the Labyrinth beyond.
Map dm 7 pillared hall

Map Location

1. The Road of Lanterns
The road from the Minotaur Gate is a long and huge corridor, lined with ever-burning lanterns. It opens into the Seven- Pillared Hall at this location.
2. The Customhouse
This building serves as the headquarters for the enforcers employed by the Mages of Saruun to keep order in the Seven-Pillared Hall. The party is yet to visit this location. Brugg, an ogre, leads the enforcers. In addition to keeping the peace, collecting protection money, and acting as muscle for the mages, Brugg keeps an eye out for new arrivals who might upset the delicate balance of affairs in the Hall.
3. The Deepgem Company
Two large stone friezes in the shape of stern dwarf faces adorn the facade of this expertly carved series of chambers. The Deepgem Company deals in gems and precious metals, as well as fine arms and armor. The company buys gold, gemstones, and other valuables from Thunderspire’s many prospectors.
Ulthand Deepgem, an old dwarf cleric of Moradin and former adventurer, runs the business. In addition to Ulthand, five other dwarves live in this outpost. The company also employs a dozen miners, several mule drivers, and other laborers, most of whom live in the Pigeonholes.
Ulthand deepgem
4. Bersk the Wainwright
The party is yet to visit or inquire about this location.
5. Temple of Hidden Light
The party is yet to visit or inquire about this location.
6. Residences
These brick buildings house the merchants that are permanent residents of the Seven-Pillared Hall. Some merchants have made fortunes and these homes are finer than most of the living quarters in the Hall.
7. House Azaer
The party is yet to visit or inquire about this location.
8. The Pigeonholes
People who take up residence in the Seven-Pillared Hall are welcome to pick out any side chamber not in use. These cramped chambers are known as the Pigeonholes. Most of the occupants are human, halfling, or dwarf laborers who are down on their luck and hoping to make some gold working in the Hall. In addition to the Pigeonholes shown on the map, dozens more are situated higher on the cavern walls and scattered throughout the nearby passageways.
9. The Deep Stair
This passage leads to a stairway that descends about 100 feet before meeting a well-marked tunnel that leads to the Underdark.
10. The Halfmoon Inn
This large building sits against the side of the Hall and serves as a trading post, taproom, and inn. The halflings of the Halfmoon family run the place, stocking a variety of foodstuffs and other goods obtained from Halfmoon posts in neighboring lands. Unless the adventurers decide to stay in the Pigeonholes, the Halfmoon offers the only accommodations in the Hall.
During the opening encounter, the adventurers had an opportunity to rescue Rendil Halfmoon, the nephew of Erra Halfmoon, who runs the inn and whose pleasant manner hides an iron backbone. She has built the inn into a profitable enterprise for her family. In gratitude for Rendil’s rescue, she happily provided the party with room and board at the Halfmoon for as long as they want to stay (normally it costs a guest 5 sp per night).
It seems the Mages of Saruun tolerate the presence of the halflings and more or less appreciate having an inn in the Hall. That said, Brugg and his enforcers make sure to collect money from the establishment for the mages, and the ogre keeps an eye on who is coming and going from the place as a part of his job. Brugg enjoys causing trouble at the inn, threatening the Halfmoon family, watching patrons, and sometimes starting fights just for the fun of it.
Seven pillared hall
11. Waterfall
Water cascades from an opening in the southern rock wall. The gap allows rain and glacier water to form a freshwater pool and river that runs through the Seven-Pillared Hall.
12. Bridges
Two stone bridges span the cold water of the river that flows through the Hall. The bridges are sturdy and 10 feet wide, broad enough to allow the passage of large carts. The bridges have high rails to help prevent mishaps.
13. Chute
The river flows into a large hole in the northern wall. The chute’s ceiling immediately lowers to water level, and the dark waters disappear from sight.
14. Minotaur Statue
On a stone platform in the eastern part of the Hall stands a 10-foot-wide, 30-foot-tall statue of a minotaur. The bronze form has arms outstretched in a ritualistic pose. On the floor surrounding the statue, a 20-foot-diameter circle is etched with gleaming runes.
15. Gendar’s Curios and Relics
An expatriate drow with an eyepatch and a predatory grin, the rogue Gendar trades in old treasures from the Labyrinth. He is smug and greedy, having left behind the Lolth-worshiping ways of his people years ago when his family lost out in one of the interminable vendettas of drow society.
16. Dreskin the Provisioner
A rotund little man with a wheedling manner, Dreskin makes a living by importing foodstuffs and other supplies from Fallcruuse and the surrounding community. It seems that he cheats customers as much as he can, especially those he thinks he won’t see again!
17. Rothar’s Taproom
The party is yet to visit or inquire about this location.
18. The Road of Shadows
The party is yet to visit or inquire about this location.
19. Grimmerzhul Trading Post
Enclosed by a rampart, the trading post of the Clan Grimmerzhul duergar appears as a fortress. The duergar trade rare ores, gemstones, liquor, poison, and alchemical reagents. The party is yet to visit this location.
20. The Dragon Door
This stone door is carved in the shape of a dragon gripping an orb in its claws. The passage beyond leads into the Labyrinth. The Chamber of Eyes lies in this direction.
21. The Tower of Saruun
The party is yet to visit or inquire about this location.
22. The Shining Road
22. The Shining Road

Thunderspire Labyrinth

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